Shipping and delivery

Orders will be processed according to the timing of the product, and may vary from 15 to 30 days. Shipments are made with Express Courier which delivers within a few days within the national territory.
In particular on the peninsula the regular delivery time (barring unforeseen events) is 24 hours, while for Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia it is 48 hours.
We ship throughout Italy at a standard rate of15 eurosfor packages up to 3kg.
ATTENTION: We DO NOT ship to the Minor Islands. Contact us for more details and to find alternative shipping methods.
To track the shipment, the tracking number will be sent to you by email.
If you have not received the waybill number or for any question concerning the shipment,contact usat


It is recommended to provide a valid address and contact name in order to give the courier the opportunity to find the recipient on the day scheduled for delivery. It is essential that a person is always present at the address provided to collect the package as the courier could pass at any time of the day between 8:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday except holidays.
If the delivery address communicated to us during the order is incorrect or different from that expected, or if it is not possible for you to maintain a presence on site in order to receive the package, we kindly ask you to contact us at the e-mail staff @ fabiocammarata .it to make the necessary arrangements in order to agree and facilitate delivery.
We remind you that after the third unsuccessful delivery attempt, the goods will be placed in storage for a maximum of 3 working days within which you can go to the relevant branch to personally collect the package, at no extra cost **.
Any changes in the delivery address requested after the order has been processed are not possible.

Although we always provide a telephone number for the customer, we cannot guarantee that the driver will contact you before delivering the package as this is not required by contract. Please do not provide us with an alternative address as the courier accepts only one delivery address and, if he does not find anyone to receive the package, he will not deliver it elsewhere but will bring it back to the branch.

The shipping costs are therefore paid for the packaging and shipping service of your order and do not preclude further privileges such as "delivery by appointment" or "delivery to the floor". Any complaints due to the courier\'s work must be forwarded to the courier himself as the only one able to provide answers.
** If your shipment ends up in storage, it will be possible to collect it completely free of charge within a maximum of 3 days, by going personally to the relevant branch in your area. After three days the goods will be returned to us and a new shipment will be possible only upon advance payment of a new shipping rate.